Intelligent 12-Unit Charging/Carrying Case


• LA-380 Intelligent 12-unit charging/carrying case provides secure and convenient way to store, transport, and charge Listen Technologies iDSP (RF and IR) receivers.
• Interior tray accommodates up to twelve (12) iDSP receiver units with tension lock slots for secure storage and proper power connectivity.
• Padded interior pocket offers additional storage space, while locking latches on the exterior provide added security.
• Shoulder strap allows for easy carrying of case when transporting the receivers.
• Power supply included with each Charging Tray.


One (1) LA-380 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging/Carrying Case
One (1) LA-209 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging Tray Power Supply
One (1) Set of Keys
One (1) Shoulder Carrying Strap


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