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Smart Hearing Technology

Welcome to Smart Hearing Technology, a company dedicated to providing top-of-the-line window intercom systems and more for businesses and other organizations. Our team of experts in hearing technology ensure the best communication solutions for your business’s unique needs.

Whether your need is a “talk-thru” system for a ticket window, tour guide system for a museum, or an FM assistive listening system, Smart Hearing Technology has a wide range of products to purchase on our site. Custom solutions are also available, simply give us a shout!

With our commitment to quality products and customer service, you can trust that your purchase from Smart Hearing Technology will be a smart investment for your business. 

Window Intercom Systems-STS-K035-LH
STS-K001 Bridge Bar Window Intercom System

Window Intercom Systems

Also known as “speech transfer systems”  or “talk-thru systems,” ensure effective communication for customers and staff at locations where a physical barrier is present. Ticket windows for theaters and stadiums, banks, public service windows, and law enforcement offices are just a few locations where window intercom systems are essential to facilitate clear communication.

Why Purchase a Contacta Window Intercom System?

Replace Existing Systems:  Contacta systems, also known as “talk thru” or “speech transfer systems,” can be retrofit to replace existing Telex, Norcom, and Haven systems, amongst other brands. 

Fully Customizable. Unlike other brands, Contacta window intercom systems are 100% fully customizable to the needs of the installation location.

Sleek, Streamlined Appearance. Tired of the clunky and outdated appearance of your existing window intercom system? Contacta systems are contemporary, sleek, and made of the highest quality materials.

ADA-Compliant. Contacta window intercom systems come standard with induction loop technology and signage, to ensure your business conforms with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Customer Service. Both Contacta and Smart Hearing Technology offer the highest level of customer service after the sale to ensure that your installation process goes smoothly.