STS-K071 Window Intercom System


Contacta STS-A31H Speech Transfer Driver, STS-M70 Customer Mouse Microphone, STS-S70 Customer Speaker Pod, STS-SU2 Staff Loudspeaker Pod, and PS-55 Power Supply.

The Contacta STS-K071 Window Intercom System comes complete as a kit, ready for installation. The STS-K071 is an entry-level window intercom system intended for use across partitions or safety screens. The system features a mouse microphone system on the customer side, a staff loudspeaker pod with an extended microphone, and an amplifier.

The STS-K071 is appropriate for locations where the ambient noise is low.

Note: The STS-K071 does not come standard with a hearing loop aerial; however, this feature can be easily added.

*Optional voice recording output available. Contact Smart Hearing Technology to add this option to your order.

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