STS-K001 Bridge Bar Window Intercom System


STS A31H Speech Transfer Driver, Customer Screen Mounted Microphone with Bent Stem, Customer Speaker Pod and Staff Loudspeaker Pod.

The Contacta STS-K001 Bridge Bar Window Intercom System comes complete as a kit, ready to install. It features the most popular combined customer speaker and microphone module in a bridge bar style and a free-standing staff microphone and speaker unit. The staff side microphone and speaker unit contains a mute button. The STS-K001 also comes standard with a duplex amplifier, signage, and an under-the-counter hearing loop.

The STS-K001 Bridge Bar Window Intercom System is suitable for environments where ambient noise is high. The units are frequently installed at points of service that are handicap accessible.

*Optional voice recording output available. Contact Smart Hearing Technology to add this option to your order.

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Weight 8.0 lbs


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