STS-K009-IP-L-B Window Intercom System


STS-A31H Speech Transfer Driver, K009-IP Surface Mounted Call Unit, STS-SU1-B Staff Loudspeaker Unit, PS-55 Power Supply, and under-the-counter hearing loop aerial.

The Contacta STS-K009-IP-L-B Window Intercom System comes complete as a kit, ready to install. The outdoor intercom system is IP55-rated, meaning that it is suited to be installed in outdoor environments and entryways, offering protection against water, dust, and dirt.

The surface-mounted call unit is made to be installed at head height and allows for hands-free communication with a call button on the front that triggers an audible alert to the staff to inform of a visitor's presence. An LED is also present to assist users in finding the system in the dark.

The STS-K009-IP-L-B Window Intercom System is appropriate for installation in outdoor environments with medium to low ambient noise. It is an ideal unit to install at:

  • Outdoor access points (gates, security doors, etc.)
  • Transport and distribution centers
  • Ports and ferry terminals
  • Car parks/parking lots
  • Drive-through services (fast food, retail, and banking)

*Optional voice recording output available. Contact Smart Hearing Technology to add this option to your order.

Additional information

Dimensions 13.38 × 25.19 × 4.72 in


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