Navilution EVO System



• Navilution EVO System is a GPS triggered commentary system with up to 60 channels for audio delivery in multiple languages.
• All necessary parts included (except seatback controllers & CAT5 cables – sold separately). Includes Display Control Panel & external GPS antenna/receiver.
• Passengers use headphones to plug into seatback controller that enables language selection, volume adjustment, & “More Info”.
• Hardwired system; each seatback controller installed with power and audio supply via CAT5 cable run through vehicle or vessel. Includes braille for visually impaired.
• Proprietary cloud-based software tool Navilution Cortex enables route planning and data collection from EVO System.
• Basic, advanced, and creative tour development training offered; Listen tour development partners available for audio tour creation.
• Option for video delivery to onboard monitor for enhanced passenger experience with ASL support.
• DCP Improves safety, reducing driver distraction by displaying elapsed time of audio tour & providing one-finger access to safety and emergency announcements.


One (1) LN-100E Navilution EVO Server
One (1) LN-050-DCP Navilution Display Control Panel
One (1) LN-050-GPSR Navilution GPS Receiver
One (1) LNA-100E-SBCT Navilution Seatback Controller Mounting Template
One (1) LNA-046-7HK Navilution SBC Installation Hex Key – 7/64″, Qty: 4
One (1) LNA-048-POE Listen Navilution SCI V2.0 POE Power
One (1) LNA-048-POE Listen Navilution SCI V2.0 POE Power
One (1) Quick Start Guide
Cortex – Cloud-based Tour Development Software


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