Navilution NEXT System



• The Navilution NEXT System is a GPS-triggered commentary system with up to 16 channels for simultaneous delivery of audio in multiple languages.
• It has 16 RCA phono outputs that can be connected to RF transmitters from various manufacturers, enabling passengers to adjust their volume.
• The Display Control Panel (“DCP”) features a touch screen with play/pause/stop functions and one-finger language changes.
• Route timing & tour development is simple via Navilution Cortex, a cloud-based software, with additional support from Listen Tour Partners.
• The system also supports video delivery to onboard monitors and can be used for ASL.


One (1) LN-200N Navilution NEXT Server
One (1) LN-075-DCP Navilution Display Control Panel
One (1) LN-050-GPSR Navilution GPS Receiver

One (1) LNA-048-POE Listen Navilution SCI V2.0 POE Power
One (1) Quick Start Guide
Cortex – Cloud-based Tour Development Software


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