Advanced Intelligent DSP RF Receiver 12-Pack (72 MHz)



• LP-51-072-01 Advanced Intelligent DSP RF Receiver 12-Pack is ideal for upgrading existing systems or making assistive listening available to larger audiences.
• Includes twelve (12) LR-5200-072 RF receivers featuring best-in-class pickup, reduced noise, built-in rechargeable battery technology and micro USB connection for quick charging and firmware updates with free iDSP software.
• Integrated neck loop and lanyard with DSP loop driver makes it easy to wear for listeners with T-coil equipped hearing aids; OLED display provides at a glance information.


Twelve (12) LR-5200-072-P1 Intelligent DSP RF Receiver Package 1 (72 MHz)*
One (1) LA-381-01 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging Tray (North America)

*The LR-5200-072-P1 comes with an ear phone/neck loop lanyard, universal ear speaker, quick start guide and a non-proprietary field replaceable Lithium-ion battery.


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