Intelligent DSP RF Receiver Package 1 (72 MHz)


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• The LR-4200-072-P1 receiver package provides an exceptional listening experience, with a LR-4200-072 iDSP receiver, integrated neck loop/lanyard, and a universal ear speaker included in each package.
• These receivers offer industry-leading range and sensitivity, and are the smallest IR receiver devices available.
• Neck loops/lanyards improve the experience for listeners with T-coil-equipped hearing aids, while the universal ear speaker allows anyone to take advantage of the features.
• An OLED display allows users to clearly communicate channel name and status, battery charge level, and volume level; they also feature a micro USB connection for setup and updates.
• For small to mid-size venues such as theaters, classrooms, houses of worship etc., these receivers provide an unmatched listening experience.


One (1) LR-4200-072 Intelligent DSP RF Receiver (72 MHz)*
One (1) LA-430 Intelligent Ear Phone/Neck Loop Lanyard
One (1) LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker


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