Intelligent DSP IR Receiver Package 1



• LR-4200-IR-P1 receiver package provides a convenient solution to order all components for an exceptional listening experience.
• Includes LR-4200-IR iDSP receiver, neck loop/lanyard and universal ear speaker, making it ideal for existing IR assistive listening systems in any size venue.
• Industry-leading range and sensitivity of LR-4200-IR device offers stronger, more reliable signal than other devices.
• Integrated neck loop/lanyard offers improved T-coil listening experience; universal ear speaker allows anyone to benefit from clarity and signal range of the LR-4200.
• OLED display and micro USB connection provide easy setup, programming and firmware updates.
• Ideal for small and mid-size venues needing IR assistive listening system expansion or installation.


One (1) LR-4200-IR Intelligent DSP IR Receiver*
One (1) LA-430 Intelligent Ear Phone/Neck Loop Lanyard
One (1) LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker


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