ListenIR Advanced iDSP Level III System



• The LS-95 is a Level III Advanced iDSP system, offering additional equipment for up to 100 seats.
• Includes LT-84 Transmitter/Radiator Combo, four LR-5200-IR Receivers, charging tray, log book, and cable management unit.
• Offers secure audio transmission and outstanding signal clarity.
• Ideal for classrooms, boardrooms, meeting spaces, theaters, and more.


One (1) LT-84-01 ListenIR Transmitter/Radiator Combo
Four (4) LR-5200-IR Advanced Intelligent DSP IR Receiver
Four (4) LA-430 Intelligent Ear Phone/Neck Loop Lanyard
Four (4) LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker
One (1) LA-422 USB to Micro USB Cable
One (1) LA-381-01 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging Tray
One (1) LA-382 Intelligent Cable Management Unit
One (1) LA-904 Listen Dispensing Log Book


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