Stationary IR Radiator (White or Grey)



• The LA-140 IR Radiator/Emitter from Listen Technologies is a discreet and dependable choice with a compact, stylish design.
• Two units can be mounted together horizontally or vertically, doubling the power of your system without taking up an excessive amount of space.
• Includes hardware for mounting on wall, ceiling, desk, mic stand or tripod for versatility in any IR assistive listening system.
• Can be powered by a single LT-82 transmitter or optional power supply with standard CAT-5 cable for simple setup and installation.
• Available in white (-WH) or grey (-GY).


One (1) LA-140 Stationary IR Radiator
One (1) Mounting hardware (allows for wall, ceiling, desk, mic stand and tripod mounting)
Twenty-five (25) ft. (7.6 m) of coax cable, matched color
Twenty-five (25) ft. (7.6 m) of CAT-5 cable, matched color
One (1) Quick Reference Card

Up to two LA-140 radiators can be powered by one LT-82. If additional power is required, order an additional power supply.


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