ListenIR Expansion Radiator (For LT-84 only)



• Listen Technologies’ LA-141 Expansion Radiator (Pat. 9,712,246) extends the coverage area and improves performance of the LT-84 Infrared Transmitter/Radiator system.
• Up to four LA-141s can be combined with the LT-84 system, covering an area of up to 2,787 m2 (30,000 ft2) with LR-4200-IR/LR-5200-IR receivers or 697 m2 (7,500 ft2) with LR-42/LR-44 receivers in single-channel mode.
• A single CAT-5e cable provides both power and signal to the radiators for convenient setup.
• Included hardware facilitates installation.


One (1) LA-141 ListenIR Expansion Radiator
One (1) 25 ft. (7.6 m) CAT-5e Cable
One (1) LA-344 Flexible Mounting Hardware
One (1) Quick Start Guide


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